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19th of October 2018

Lilly is doing great in the show ring, and 2 weeks ago she gained her 1st title ‘Rostock Jugendsieger 2018’. Of course we hope for more in the future, but first of all it must be fun for her - and it still is Cool

Right now Lilly is in her 2nd heat, so it will be exciting to see how often this will occur. In a few months we will get her health tested, due to preparation for possible breeding in the future. 

Maggy has not been in the show ring for 2 years. Now it’s about time to get her back in there. We will soon start to prep her for shows again Cool


6th of November 2017

Yesterday we were at the IDS Herning, Danish Winner show 2017 with Lilly. Once again she won Best of Breed Baby. We're so proud of her, and she is such a joy to show in the ring Hjerte

On saturday we will start aqua training with Lilly, to give her some extra excersize that is soft to her joints. Nothing hard, just easy going swimming Waou



31st of October 2017

This summer we decided to put Betty to sleep. It was very hard and painfull, but she was very sick. Therefore we decided to put her out of her misery. She is deeply missed every day, but we're conferdent that she is in a better place now Hjerte


For more than a year we have been waiting for an English Mastiff. We miss having a big dog as we used to years ago. 

Late this summer our wish came true, as we purchased Sandø's Cheyenne High Class (Lilly). We do have high hopes for her, and she has already been on her first show where she won Best of Breed Baby at the age of 4 1/2 months. 


16th of July 2016

On thursday the 7th of July, we picked up our new addition to our kennel:

Bullystyle's Keep The Faith aka Maggy - Please view her page under 'Our dogs'. Maggy's page will be updated along with us getting to know her better Cool Her pedigree will be updated soon as well.


We have started to train her for her first show, that is comming up by the end of August Kærlighed We can't wait to get back in the ring.



14th of May 2016

Welcome to our new website Cool


Our little star Betty, is unfortunately taken out of the show program - and our breeding program before she even got started in breeding. All details were prepared for her upcoming breeding, as she started to limp on her front leg.

X-rays and ultrasound was taken, and showed NOTHING, but because she was still limping we put her in the CT scanner, and here the expert found a little difference in her right elbow. Left side was fine. The vet said that the Danish Kennel Club (DKK), would evaluate the pictures to ED 0 (wich is the best), but we came to the conclusion NOT to breed on her. You can't breed a dog, when you have this knowledge and then lie to your buyers, and pretend that your dog is healthy as can be - you just simply can't! Or we can't...! We don't have the nerves for that.

In addition to these devistating news, we found out that Betty is multi allergic - allergic to everthing. So if the discision of taken her out of our breeding program hasn't been made yet - now was the time. Betty is now just a petting dog, and we will start over since we don't have any other females to breed on or show. We are planning on a new dog in near future, so stay tuned Cool